31 Jan 2014

Perfect Winter Accessories

Bag = Zara (sale)//Scarf = Johnstons of Elgin//Boots = New Look

Hey everyone, 

Three items have really stood out to me since Christmas as being the perfect winter accessories. 

30 Jan 2014

How I Style: Neon Revisited 2

Hey everyone, 

I styled these printed trousers back in August, with neon shoes and a neon blazer. This time round I've paired them with a grey tshirt to keep the look casual, and a neon necklace. 

I think neon at this time of year is really fun, and can brighten up your day! I love these bright floral trousers, and I'm going to wear them a lot in the future. I plan to wear them with a black jumper, and with a simple cami and a cream blazer. 


29 Jan 2014

How I Style: Neon Revisited #1

Hey everyone, 

I wanted to show that neon isn't just for summer in this weeks How I Style. 

I picked up this gorgeous neon snood from F&F at Tesco just before Christmas, and I think it's amazing! A neon accessory, such as a thick scarf is perfect for this time of year, as it doesn't look out of place! 

An all grey outfit keeps it casual, and the focus on the neon snood. You could also try this with a neon bag, shoes, or even a necklace. 


28 Jan 2014

Tops 5 MAC Lipsticks - Brights

L-R: Scarlet Ibis; Dubonnet; Riri Woo; Moxie; Pleasure Bomb. 

As I said in my Top 5 Everyday MAC Lipsticks post, I decided to split my favourite lipsticks into two posts. In this second post I'm sharing my favourite bright (and dark) MAC lipsticks. 


Scarlet Ibis was a limited edition lipstick from the Iris Apfel collection, back in 2011. It is a bright orange toned red, which I think really brightens up my face. Orange toned reds look great with a tan, which is why I like to wear this lipstick mainly in the summer. If you're looking for something similar from MAC, grab So Chaud. 

DUBONNET amplified

Dubbonet is a shade I only wear in autumn/winter. I think the ever so slightly glossy finish maked it perfect for when it's cold out and my lips are a little chapped. This formula seems to glide over my lips and makes them look juicy. 

RIRI WOO retro matte

As soon as I found out Rihanna was collaborating with MAC, I knew I would have to have the lipstick! I waited patiently until it was available to purchase online and I snapped it up! While I was waiting for the postman to bring my goodies, I watched a fair few review videos, and the reviews weren't great! Most people thought the formula was far too drying and that the colour wasn't anything special. They were wrong! The retro matte finish means it last all night, and the colour is just beautiful. I just apply a little lip balm before hand and my lips are good for the rest of the night.  As this was limited edition, something very similar is Ruby Woo, which has a matte finish, a little less drying than the retro matte!

MOXIE matte

Another limited edition lipstick here. Moxie was from the MAC By Request collection- where previously released limited edition colours were re-released. It is a very bright pink with a slight fuchsia undertone. I love this colour in the summer. I picture it with tanned skinned and my hair in a messy bun! A very similar lipstick is Impassioned.  


This lipstick is from Rihanna's fall collection. I won't lie, I mainly bought this for the packaging, it's beautiful! Plus, it's very similar to Lickable, which I lost on a night out a week or so before this colour came out. I was in mourning for Lickable, so I didn't need a lot of persuading to grab this gorgeous colour. It is another bright pink colour, with much more of a fuchsia base than Moxie.  

What are your favourite bright MAC lipsticks? 

Laura x 

27 Jan 2014

New Skincare Routine Treatments and Masks

When it comes to Treatments and Face Masks, I have quite a few. I also have quite a few on my wishlist too!

I started using Alpha H Liquid Gold  after there was a lot of hype about it on YouTube and the blogosphere. I'm so glad I tried it as it really makes a difference to my skin! I try to use this product every other night, but sometimes I feel like my skin needs extra moisture therefore I don't use the Liquid Gold. If I have a night out coming up, I like to use this the night before so that my skin looks nice and smooth for the night out. 

I have a fair few face masks. I try to use a face mask at least once a week, and which one I use depends on how my skin is feeling that particular day. 

The first mask I use is the Origins Out of Trouble Mask . It is designed to help with oily skin and help to deal with breakouts. This is one of my favourite masks. The morning after I've used it my skin looks great. Nice and smooth, and definitely clearer.  

The other skin clearing type mask I have is the Origins Clear Improvement Mask. This mask is designed more to clear out pores than help clear up breakouts like the Out of Trouble mask does. I don't see as a big a difference with the Clear Improvement as I do with the Out of Trouble mask, but I still like to use it as I feel like it makes some difference to my pores. 

The final Origins face mask I have is the Drink Up 10 minute mask, which is a moisturising mask tailored towards dehydrated skin. I like to use this mask after I've used one of the clay based masks to add some moisture back into my skin. I don't think it's anywhere near as good as the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, but I will use it up as I don't like to waste products. 

And finally, the last face mask I own is the Nuance by Salma Hayek Exfoliating Facial Gel, It is basically like a mask version of Alpha H Liquid Gold, but not as potent. I really want to try the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask, which is a very similar product therefore I'll try it after I've used up the Nuance one!

Some other face masks I'd really like to try are the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring MaskAesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque, and the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

Are there any face masks or treatments you use that you think I would enjoy trying?

Laura x 

26 Jan 2014

WIWTW (What I Wore This Week) #15

Hey everyone, 

This week my outfits were taken twice on days off, and then one work outfit. 

Sunday's outfit was fairly casual. I'd been wanting to wear this faux shearling gilet since I received for Christmas, but I wasn't sure how I was going to style it. I decided that a neutral colour palette would look best with the gilet, and I love how it looks. I'll definitely be wearing this gilet a lot!

Top = New Look/Skirt = New Look/Gilet = Matalan/Boots = ASOS

You might have seen this skirt popping up this blog already. It's such a versatile piece as it is monochrome. For this outfit I decided to brighten it up with my bright blue Topshop jumper. It's slightly cropped, but on me it sits at just the right length to wear with skirts without having to tuck it in, but it isn't too short that it shows my belly!

Jumper = Topshop/Skirt = New Look/Boots = New Look

For work on Tuesday I wanted to wear something simple while still looking put together. I love the print on this dress, and the shape is really flattering. 

Dress = New Look/Necklace = New Look/Boots = River Island 

Laura x 

25 Jan 2014

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks - Everyday


Hi everyone, 

I thought I'd share my favourite MAC lipsticks with you. When I was deciding which colours to include in this post, I found I had quite a mix of brights and neutrals, so I decided to split them into posts. I'm going to chat about My Top 5 Everyday MAC Lipsticks today. 

I LOVE WINTER - cremesheen

I bought this lipstick a few years ago. It was part of the Sultry Iced Delights Lip Bag, from the Glitter & Ice collection. It is a medium dark pink, with a hint of brown and a slight tone of coral to it. The cremesheen formula means it looks fairly natural on the lips, not too matte and not too glossy. This is a limited edition shade, and as I like it so much I'm trying not to use it too much, so that it lasts!

HAUTE ALTITUDE - amplified

This is another limited edition lipstick unfortunately. It is a medium pink with very slight blue undertones. It almost looks neautral on me,  which is why I like to wear it as an everyday lipstick. It has an amplified finish, which is slightly more matte than the cremesheen finish. I wear this lipstick on days when I want some neutral, but not too nude. 

SEE SHEER - lustre

MAC describes this lipstick as a grapefruit pink. On me it looks quite coral-toned. I like to wear it in the warmer months with bronzer and Benefit's Coralista on my cheeks. The lustre finish means it has a slightly sheer look and is fairly glossy, which makes it super easy to wear. This summer I'm going to try wearing it with a golden smokey eye. 

CREME CUP - cremesheen 

Creme Cup is the most nude lipstick of this selection. Very pale nudes just don't suit me, which is why I go for a bit of a darker lipstick. It is described a light blue pink. If I wear dark eye make-up (which isn't very often) this is the lipstick I go for. Also, in the winter when I'm at my palest, I like to wear this lipstick with a pink blush. Something like Benefit's Thrrrob. This lipstick has a cremesheen formula, which can make this colour look a little cakey if I'm not careful. I tend to apply it and rub it in a little with my finger. 

FAUX - satin 

MAC describes this lipstick as a muted mauve-pink, and I think it suits my skin tone really well. I like that it is a satin formula rather than matte, as matte can be a little too drying for everyday. This lipstick and I LOVE WINTER are probably my ultimate favourites, although I like all of these lipsticks for different occasions. 

Do you have a MAC lipstick you like to wear on an everyday basis? Let me know if you have any recommendations for me. 

Laura x 

24 Jan 2014

New Skincare Routine Evening

When it comes to evening skincare, first things first. Make-up removal. This is the part that I'm most lazy with and I have to force myself to do. 

I use the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfecting 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution on a cotton pad to remove all my make-up, before I use an actual cleanser. It does a great job, doesn't leave any residue and doesn't feel as if it is stripping my skin. Great all round!

If I've had a lot of eye make-up on, or if my mascara is particularly stubborn (I'm look at you Benefit They're real!), then I' use an eye make-up remover before the micellar solution. At the moment I'm using the L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. It's a decent eye make-up remover and I will probably repurchase it when I run out of this bottle. 

After I've removed as much make-up as I can with the micellar solution, I go on to cleanse my face to really get into my pores and clear them out. I use the Clarisonic Mia , which is amazing at clearing out your skin and keeping it super smooth. I like to use the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 Wash-Off Deep Purifying Cleanser with my Clarisonic. I have the old style packaging as I stocked up while it was on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. Together the Clarisonic and Peaches and Clean are a great cleansing combo. 

After I've deep cleansed, I then go onto use my Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner on a cotton pad. This is just to make sure all my cleanser has been removed, I also feel like it tightens my pores up. 

I then apply my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex all over my face. I feel like this really makes a difference to how my skin looks in the morning, and does help to keep breakouts at bay. 

The final step in my evening skin care routine is my moisturiser. At the moment I'm using the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser. It is a nice light cream, which doesn't leave my skin feeling oily, yet it doesn't feel as though the product is giving me enough moisture. 

A very recent addition to my evening skin care routine is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I've already written a full review on this product, you can read that here. I use this as my final step, instead of my usual moisturiser, approximately every third night. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and moisturised, without feeling at all greasy. 

So there you have it, my evening skin care routine. It may seem like a lot of products to some, or not very many products at all to others. It works great for me, but I like to try new products, so swapping out a cleanser here or moisturiser there is a regular occurrence for me. 

Do you have product recommendations you think I'd like?

Laura x 

23 Jan 2014

How I Style: Winter Pastels #2

Hey everyone, 

Continuing on yesterday's theme, here is another Winter Pastels inspired outfit. 

This outfit is a mash up of texture and print, with pastels being the common denominator and pulling the look together. 

The baby blue boxy t-shirt is made out of a geometric lace fabric. To contrast with the light, floaty feel of the top, the skirt is a thick wool/felt fabric. There is a touch of blue in the plaid print, which matches the blue top. 

Which are your favourite pastel colours?

Laura x 

22 Jan 2014

Hair Inspiration #2

Hey everyone, 

Since my Hair Hopes for 2014 post, I've decided to go a little darker blonde with my hair. I want to keep it as a platinum blonde base colour, but I want it broken up with a slightly darker blonde, too. I'm going to get that done tomorrow, so watch out for some pics on Instagram. I'm excited and nervous!

I love love love the colour of the girl's hair in the first photograph!It is perfect and I hope my hair turns out like this.

I love the texture of Ashley (or is it Mary-Kate? I never know the difference!) Olsen's hair in the bottom photograph. I hope when my hair is that long I can get it to look as good. 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

If you want to check out my Wet to Dry Hair Routine, you can here.

Laura x 

How I Style: Winter Pastels #1

Hi everyone, 

If you've been out shopping lately you'll have noticed that pastels are everywhere. The High Street is shaking off the dark tones of winter and filling the rails with fresh shades of spring. Out of the fashion bubble we're still in the depths of winter, but the fashion world has already moved onto summer!

Wearing pastels while it's still grey outside may seem tricky, but it's easy if you pick the right items. My pastel pink jumper is perfect. I layer a vest top underneath it now for extra warmth, and then in the spring it will be great to wear on it's own. I can even see myself wearing it in the summer with denim shorts. Lets face it, our British summer is never really that warm, anyway!

I added a monochrome printed skirt, to keep the focus on the printed jumper but still keep it interesting. The black print means that my black tights don't look too harsh against the pastel pink. I put a casual spin on the outfit with my white Adidas trainers. Up until very recently trainers have not been my style at all, but I think this pair have been fairly easy to slot into my wardrobe. 

Jumper = Cameo Rose/Skirt = New Look/Trainers = Adidas

Do you think it's too early for pastels?

Laura x 

21 Jan 2014

New Skincare Routine Morning

Hey everyone, 

I thought I'd share my skincare routine with you, starting with my morning routine. I've only recently gotten into really taking care of my skin. Up until three or four years ago I didn't even take my make-up off before bed!

First up, lets talk about my skin. I would describe it as combination. I get a very oily t-zone, but my cheeks are normal and around the sides of my nose get a little dry sometimes. My biggest skin concern is the large pores I have on my nose. I also get spots, mainly on my chin but sometimes on my forehead and nose too. 

When I look for new skin care products I look for things that will nourish my skin, prevent and treat spots, and help to control the oil. I want quite a lot out my skin care, don't I?!

Let's start with the morning.

I wash my face in the shower using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin. As the name suggests it is a gel cleanser, and although my skin feels a little dry after I've used it, I like it. 

After my shower I like to use the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner on a cotton pad. I feel like it removes anything the gel cleanser missed, and tightens up my pores. 

Even though I have oily skin, I always apply a moisturiser in the morning. At the moment I'm using the No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin. It makes my skin feel matte when I apply it, but I don't think it does a lot for controlling my oil throughout the day. As I finish up this tub I'll be on the look out for something new, any recommendations?

So that's it for my morning skin care routine. There's not a lot to it but it works for me!

Laura x 

20 Jan 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm: Sultry & Standout

Hey everyone, 

Ever since I heard that Revlon were launching matter versions of their Balm Stains, I knew I had to get my hands on them. 

I started seeing them pop up in reviews from U.S bloggers, but I knew it would be a bit of wait until they were released in the UK. 

The wait is over! The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms were released on Tuesday 17th January. I was scouring my local Boots for them on the Wednesday, just one day after they were released, and there were none left! This made me want them even more, and luckily I tracked them down in a Boots store near to where I work. 

This Boots still had all of the colours in stock, so I swiftly started swatching and deciding which colours I needed. I restricted myself to two colours for now, but when Boots have one of their three for two offers on I'm sure I'll be picking up a few more. 

The colours I ended up choosing were Sultry; a rosy/mauve, everyday colour pink colour, and Standout; a bright red pop of colour. 

Formula wise, of course they are matte. They are creamy colours with no shimmer. Before I applied them for the first time I was a little worried that they would be very dry, as a lot of matte lip products are. They are anything but! They glide on easily and are highly pigmented. This worried me at first as I thought they might of smeared easily, but they didn't. 

The colour I decided to wear was Sultry. I applied it just before I started work, and I had my lunch break three hours later. When I checked in the mirror before I ate my lunch the colour and not faded and it had not bled or smeared at all. After I had ate my sandwich and drank some water the colour had faded in the centre of my lips and I had to reapply the product a little. The colour was still perfect when I got home five hours later. 

Throughout wearing this Balm Stain my lips felt fairly moisturised, and not at all dry. 

These are the only matte lip products I've worn for work that have not only not dried my lips out, but have left them feeling moisturised. I think they will become my go to lip product for work!



I have my eye on Complex (nude); Unapologetic (bright coral); Showy (neon pink); and Shameless (plummy purple). I also want to try a few of the Lacquer Balms, especially Ingenue, the nude shade. 

Have you tried either the matte Balms or the Lacquer Balms yet? If so, let me know what you think of them.

Laura x

19 Jan 2014

WIWTW (What I Wore This Week) #14

Hey everyone, 

It's been a quiet week this week, both at home and at work. I haven't really gotten up to much except going to work and working on my blog. Don't you find that January is always a long, boring month?

My first outfit this week is what I wore on Monday. I decided to wear this salt and pepper jumper. It's both comfortable and stylish. I love the textured effect on this jumper, and the v-neck. I normally go for round necks, but I really like how the v-neck looks on me.  

I've been going through a phase recently of not feeling like wearing jeans, and wearing shorts or skirts, with tights, instead. I wore my patterned tights to add something a bit more interesting than plain opaques. On my feet, black ankle boots, of course. 

Jumper = New Look/Skirt = New Look/Tights = New Looks/Boots = Primark

I wore this outfit on Tuesday for work. I went for a simple look as I wanted something casual and comfortable, and something I didn't have to think about. 

I love this grey top with PU sleeves. I got a size bigger so that it wouldn't be too clingy. 

Contrary to what I said about not wearing jeans, I pulled out my Topshop Joni jeans to wear with this top. They're the only black jeans I own that are still black, although I haven't worn them too much yet so they've got time yet to fade.  

Top = New Look/Jeans = Topshop 'Joni'/Boots = New Look

I wore this outfit on Friday. If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you should) then you would of seen that I attempted to curl my short hair. I think it turned out OK. I can't wait until the layers are longer so that it doesn't look so short when it's curly. 

Outfit wise, I've been meaning to wear my MOM jeans with my trainers for a few weeks now, so I threw them on with this top I picked up from New Look this week. The top is a slightly shorter length. Not cropped, but it doesn't cover my hips. It is a good length to wear with these MOM jeans. 

I really like the grey/monochrome print on the top, and the fact that it's made out of a lightweight fabric, so will be great for the summer too. 

Top = New Look/Jeans = New Look/Trainers = Adidas

What have you been wearing this week?

Laura x 

18 Jan 2014

Style Inspiration from Pinterest

Hey Everyone, 

Today I've decided to share with you some Style Inspiration from Pinterest. 

I only started using Pinterest mid-2013, but now I'm addicted to it. I browse the app at least twice a day, with searches including 'women's fashion' and 'short blonde hair'. I love looking at outfits on Pinterest and looking back at them for style inspiration in the future. I decided to pull all my favourite outfits that I've pinned so far and them in a blog post. Here they are:


Do you use Pinterest? If not you should!

Laura x 
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