31 Aug 2015

The University Diaries | What Should I Pack?

As it's that time of year, when so many students are packing up and moving away to University, I thought I'd write a mini series over here, 'The University Diaries'. It's been two years since I graduated, and I thought it was about time I shared some tips I learned throughout my time at uni, and, well, just my general thoughts, too. So here goes...

I packed far too much stuff when I moved out for university, a lot of it I just didn't use. Here is a few ideas of what you should actually take with you...

My number one tip would be to pack your own bedding. You'll probably be given a bedding pack when you move into your accommodation, but having your own will make you feel much more at home, I also took a blanket and a hot water bottle as I get cold super easily, and there's nothing nicer than snuggling up on a cold night with your hot water bottle. 

28 Aug 2015

The 4 Essential Products for My Wavy Hair

My hair is naturally wavy, but in an out-of-control, frizzy way. Not in a lovely, sleek wave kind of way. Sigh. This means that I can never leave my hair to dry naturally and do it's own thing. If I want my hair wavy, I have to dry it with my hair dryer, then use my wavers on it. I have to blast it rather than blowing drying it smooth to keep the texture, otherwise the waves just aren't very defined. This means that I have to use a few products to help tame the frizz and stop my hair from looking too cray-cray!!

24 Aug 2015

The Perfect Everyday Handbag for Minimalists

If, like me, you don't actually carry much around with you on a daily basis, then you don't really need a huge 'everyday' handbag. I carry my purse, iPhone, sunglasses, and a lipstick or two. That's it. I'm pretty low maintenance, no make-up bag, perfume etc. 

That is why I've found that my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac is the perfect everyday handbag for me, and I'd highly recommend it. I bought it while in New York two years ago. I got it a little cheaper than if I'd of bought it in the UK. At the time, I didn't think I'd get anywhere near as much wear out of this bag as I have, and that two years later it still looks as good as new. It just shows that you really do get what you pay for!

21 Aug 2015

Dehydrated Skin Saviours | The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

I haven't been taking very good acre of my skin lately, and it's showing. I know, I know, bad lass! My forehead is super bumpy, and the pores on my nose are looking worse than ever! Ergh. I think the fact that I haven't really been using a decent moisturiser at night has really affected my skin. That's where The Body Shop Vitamin E range came in...

19 Aug 2015

3 Ways to Wear a Kimono this Summer

Kimonos were super popular last summer, so I'm sure you'll all have at least one lurking in your wardrobe. Well it's time to pull yours out, as I'm going to show you 3 ways to wear your kimono...

17 Aug 2015

Wedding Photography on a Budget

When my aunt asked me to take photos at her wedding I was scared. Excited, but scared. What if all the photographs were blurry? What if the lighting was awful? I know the very basics of photography, but nothing technical. Everyone told me it would be fine, so I agreed.

As soon as I started snapping away on the big day, my fear dissolved. My photographs may not be technically perfect, they're very average compared to the images professional wedding photographers create, but the bride and groom were over the moon with the outcome, and so was I.

Since the photo album turned out so well, I thought I'd share some tips with you on how to create a beautiful wedding album on a very tight budget, and with not a lot of skill!

14 Aug 2015

5 Things Every Blogger Should Know About Pinterest

Up until very recently, I only ever used Pinterest sporadically, for personal use mainly. Getting lost in Dream Hairstyles and Cute Dresses, and pinning the odd blog without giving it much thought. So when I received an email from Pinterest themselves, inviting me along to an event, I was really intrigued. I couldn't wait to learn more about Pinterest!

12 Aug 2015

The Super Easy Way to Wear a Midi Dress

My first thought when it comes to how to wear a midi dress is with heels for a night out. I love to wear midi dresses during the day though, not just for nights out. Here's the super easy way to wear a midi dress...

5 Aug 2015

What to Wear with your Little White Dress

After sharing with you how I'd style my White Jeans 3 Ways last week, I thought I'd show you what to wear with your white dress!

3 Aug 2015

Monday Wishlist #74

1. River Island Beige Short Trench Jacket: The fact that it is shorter than the usual trench coat makes it a great length for us petite gals. I sometimes feel drowned by longer length coats and jackets. The beige-y camel colour will look great in every season. 

2. River Island Black Tapestry Print Fringe Bag: Fringe and Tapestry give an autumnal feel, but also work well with the 70's trend right that's so big right now! Wear with an all black outfit if you're not into clashing prints. 

3. New Look Rust Ripped Roll Neck Top: This top would look great with the New Look skirt. As we know, I know love all things ribbed, and this would fit perfectly with all of the neutral tones in my wsrdrobe right now to spice them up a bit. I'm thinking this top, my blue ripped skinny jeans and some tan open-toe ankle boots. 

4. New Look Paisley Floral Skirt: Wear with a white cami now for a light summer outfit, and with burgundy knitwear in the autumn for a cosy look.  

5. New Look Black Leather Strappy Studded Fringed Heels: These sandals would give any girly summer dress a cooler edge. Or simply wear with skinny jeans, a band tee and a leather jacket for a grungey look. 

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