29 Apr 2016

Experience My Rosacea | Dr Anton Alexandroff's Tips for Managing Rosacea + Talk Health's Rosacea Community

As rosacea is a dermatological condition, today I'm sharing Dr Anton Alexandroff's Tips for managing rosacea. 

Dr Anton Alexandroff is a Consultant Dermatologist fully trained in all areas of dermatology including acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, moles and skin cancers, cryotherapy, and hair loss. 
He has been treating patients with skin diseases for over ten years at the University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicester Spire Hospital, Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital and BMI Manor Hospital, Bedford. 

28 Apr 2016

Experience My Rosacea | Sarah Jagger's Make-up Tips + My Everyday Make-up

 Following on from yesterday's skincare tips from Dr Dawn Harper, and my own skincare routine, today I'm sharing celebrity make-up artist Sarah Jagger's tips, along with my everyday make-up routine. 

Sarah Jagger is a beauty expert on ITV's Lorraine, and is one of the shows 'Beauty Belles' on ITV's This Morning, where she regularly offers make-up and beauty advice.

Sarah's background is extensive. She is a fashion make-up artist, beauty expert and author of Magic Make-up Tips and Techniques, which contains her secrets to long-lasting, achievable beauty and comes with a DVD containing fifty 'one minute beauty tips', making a flawless complexion or dramatic eye make-up achievable in record time. 


27 Apr 2016

Experience My Rosacea | Dr Dawn Harper's SkinCare Tips + My SkinCare Routine

As part of the Experience My Rosacea campaign, Dr Dawn Harper has shared some tips for managing rosacea, which I'm going to share with you. I'm also going to talk about my own current skincare routine which is helping to keep my skin soothed and calm. 

Dr Dawn Harper is best known as one of the presenters on Channel 4's "Embarrassing Bodies", is one of the GP's on ITV's "This Morning", has had several books published and writes for various publications. All the while working as an NHS doctor. 

Dawn's says...

"Many poeple are not aware of rosacea and may go years of suffering in silence before being diagnosed. If you are troubled be persistent facial redness, it may be caused by rosacea, and you should speak to your doctor for advice.

26 Apr 2016

Experience My Rosacea | My Skin Story

I have red skin, I blush very easily, and I get hot and bothered. I also get spots and have a very oily t-zone. Rosacea is not a skin condition I ever thought I had. I assumed I had sensitive skin and that I simply had to be careful with the products I used. Not the case. 

 bare skin - freshly washed 


25 Apr 2016

Experience My Rosacea | The Facts

Did you know that April is Rosacea awareness month? Probably not, I didn't.

As far as skin complaints go, rosacea is just not talked about. If you're diagnosed with acne, there is so much help and advise out there. When it comes to rosacea though, not so much. That's where the Experience My Rosacea campaign comes in.

So, let's talk about rosacea first. What exactly is it?


22 Apr 2016

The Body Shop New Launch | Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence

The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite brands for body and skincare. The body butters were an iconic product when I was going up. 
Last week I was invited along to the The Body Shop in Eldon Square, Newcastle, to be introduced to a few new product launches. 

19 Apr 2016


Have you ever been to Science Bar in Newcastle? If I'm honest, I hadn't even heard of it until I was invited along to sample Science Bar's new cocktail menu, launching on Thursday 21st April. So not long to wait if you see something you think will tickle your taste buds...

As you can imagine, with the bar being named 'Science', the cocktails are science and science-fiction themed. I unfortunately only had time to stick around for the science-themed drunks. The downfalls of having to rely on public transport to get home!

15 Apr 2016

RIRI by Rihanna | A New Fragrance

I used to be obsessed with Rihanna. Her music and how she dressed, I even has a copycat undercut hairstyle at one point. As her music has changed over the past few years, I've become less of a fan. Even so, when I was asked if I'd like to try a sample of her new fragrance, RiRi by Rihanna, of course I said yes! I love trying out new scents so couldn't wait until this arrived...

13 Apr 2016

It's My Birthday! | Outfit

It's my Birthday Today. 29, yikes! I'm spending today getting my hair done and then having some food with my bestie...


11 Apr 2016

Life Update | Training to be a Teacher

Hey there!

You may have noticed that over the past few months I've not really been around here. I've been super duper busy and just haven't had the time for blogging. As things have calmed down now I thought I'd give you a little life update. Here goes....


9 Apr 2016

16 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Works in a Chip Shop

For anyone who has ever worked in a fish & chip shop, or any fast food place really. I'm sure you'll relate to these points! I've been working in a fish & chip shop for around eleven years now, so thought it was time to have a bit of a rant. 

So here we go, Sixteen things not to say to someone who works in a chip shop...
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