29 Jun 2016

The Wear Everywhere Grey Dress

When I ordered this dress from Missguided I knew it was going to be a great basic in my wardrobe, but I didn't realise just quite how versatile it would be. Here's three ways I'll be wearing it...

1. Date Night

If you read my blog a lot, you'll be getting sick of seeing this barely-there sandals and Rebecca Minkoff bag combo for a night out look. I'd highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair of similar sandals, though. They literally go with any kind of outfit and I find them super comfortable as mine have a block heel. They dress up this basic dress perfectly. 

27 Jun 2016

Food Glorious Food | Hawthorns @ Crowne Plaza Newcastle

Last Wednesday I attended the Hawthorns terrace party at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Newcastle.   I'd heard lots about this hotel but I'd never actually visited before, so I was super excited. 

I arrived a little early, but luckily bumped into Chloe from New Girl in Toon outside so we headed in together where we were greeted with a cocktail and a profesh-looking name badge. Swanky. 

We decided to stay inside for a little while as it was so hot outside. There was a guy playing acoustic guitar which I was particularly  enjoying. 

After a few minutes we headed outside to enjoy some of the sunshine along with Melissa from The Girl and the Treadmil; Mandy Charlton; Pixie from Fashion Voyeur; Rachel from Life in Geordieland and Ashleigh from Ashleigh Money Saver. Nyomi from Nomipalony popped along a little later, too. 

24 Jun 2016

The Beauty Bits I Keep in my Car

OK OK, I only passed my driving test on Tuesday and I'm already writing about the bits and bobs I keep in my car. I may have only been driving for a couple of days, but I've actually had my car for a year. I knew I was going to keep these beauty bits in my car, but I wanted to wait until I'd passed my test...

First up, not really beauty but definitely an essential, is a pair of good sunglasses. Mine are prescription, otherwise I'd be blind as a bat! The past three days I've never had them off my face, who else has been enjoying this gorgeous weather, eh!? 

22 Jun 2016

A Go-To Summer Dress

As I'm writing this the weather is glorious, but how long will it last? Even when it's super sunny, my arms can get a little chilly. This Misguided dress is perfect for those days. Short and floaty, but with long sleeves, and the colour is perfect for any season. 

20 Jun 2016

Meet my Newborn Nephew | Zakk Oliver

I've had a bit of a rough month, being in hospital for a few days and then a few weeks recovery. All that is forgotten now with the arrival of my gorgeous nephew - Zakk Oliver. I just wanted to share a few of my favourite snaps of him with you as I'm totally smitten with him. 


17 Jun 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette | Thoughts + Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury is a fairly new brand to the beauty market. I've been eyeing up a few products from the range for a while now, namely the Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Dolce Vita, and a long list of Lip Cheat Pencils and Matte Revolution Lipsticks. For some reason though I've never actually made a purchase, until now. 

The Nars Laguna bronzer I was using as a contour everyday finally gave up on me, and I could tell my MAC highlighter was as it's out, too. I decided, instead of re-purchasing these two products, I'd give the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette a shot. It contains three eyeshadows, two blush, a bronzer and a highlighter, all in one handy palette. The shades all seemed like colours I'd wear on a day-to-day basis, so I thought this palette was well worth the £49 price tag. 

15 Jun 2016

Fabulous | Stripes for Summer

Stripes for Summer? Just about as groundbreaking as florals, right?! I love me some Parisian stripes in the summer months, so when I spotted this striped with 'fabulous' emblazoned across the front over on Samantha's blog, I knew I needed it. I can't actually find this t-shirt on the Sainsbury's website, but you might be lucky enough to find it in-store.  

13 Jun 2016

My Ultimate Summer Playlist

In just over a week it's officially summer. Can someone let the weather know, please? We've had a few sunny days already but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to enjoy them! When the sun is shining though, there are a few tracks I love listening to that get me in that summery mood, so I decided to pop them all into a playlist on Spotify. My Ultimate Summer Playlist was born. Enjoy...

What are your favourite summer songs? Any belters you think I should add?


10 Jun 2016

Liquid Lipstick Lowdown

You'd have to have not read a blog or even visited your local Boots store for the last three years to have not seen how popular liquid lipsticks have become. Just about every brand, from drugstore to high-end, have their own version of a liquid lipstick. Textures range from super matte, which are my preference, to more glossier versions. 

I seem to have developed quite a collection of liquid lipsticks, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them. What I do and don't like about each brand's offering. 


8 Jun 2016

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding (on a Budget)

As the summer months are upon us, along with them come the wedding invites. Next weekend one of my oldest friends married, so I of course had to buy a new dress for the occasion. 

A lot of the dresses I saw were close to £100, and there was no way I was going to pay that much for a dress I'd more than likely only wear once, maybe twice. 


6 Jun 2016

Three Before Thirty | Travel Bucket List

I love travelling and exploring new places. Planning where to visit, where to stay and where to eat is all part of the fun for me. I don't like the type of holidays where you go to a resort and you may as well be in Blackpool. Not that I have anything against Blackpool, but if I'm getting on a plane I'd like to be going somewhere a bit different. As I'll be turning 30 next April, I thought I'd share with you three places I'd love to visit before then. 


I've wanted to travel to Barcelona for years, and even more so now that my friend lives there and I see lots of lovely photos that make me want to jump on a plane ASAP. I'd love to wander around the Gaudi buildings in the sunshine. 

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