9 Mar 2017

Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week 2017

Last week I,  along with lots of other lovely North East bloggers, descended on Sunderland for a night of food and drinks. We were invited to a Safari Supper, to celebrate the upcoming Sunderland Restaurant Week. Contrary to its title, we weren't off tasting crocodile and giraffe. Instead, the safari element of the night was that we travelled to different restaurants for each course of our meal. First, we stopped off at Cafe Purple for drinks and canapes...

We were given the brand new drinks menu, and it took ages to decide as there was such a big selection of cocktails to choose from. I went for a Paradise Mojito, and it tasted just as good as it looks! I'm heading out tomorrow night and I'm going to have to go back for one of these beauties. We were also treated to a selection of cheeses, ham, onion rings and dips, which were delicious. I'm not a hige cheese fan but I tried a little of most. 
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