3 Jul 2017

Primark Beauty - Is It Actually Any Good?

I've been a Primark fan for years and years, but it took me a long time before I decided to give their P.S Beauty range a go. Recently I've discovered I should have given it a go a long time ago. Here's why...

I first tried out the Micellar Cleansing Water after reading that it was great for removing make-up. I love this product so much! It is soooo much better than the Garnier Micellar Water. I used to use the Garnier version religiously, but I attempted to take my make-up off with it when I stayed at my Mam's house a few week ago and I had to really rub at my skin to remove all my make-up, and even then it wasn't all gone. The Primark version makes removing make-up effortless. I pour some onto a cotton pad and take off all my make-up, normally needing two cotton pads if I have eye make-up on, too. At only £2, this is my favourite skincare find in a long time!

The second product from the P.S Beauty range I tried out was the Hydrating Moisturiser. I'd run out of my usual day cream so decided to give this a whirl since I live around the corner from Primark at the time. I can't remember the price of this, maybe only £2 again? It was extremely reasonable in any case, considering you get a whopping 100ml of product. This is a great basic moisturiser. It has a very lightweight product, with an almost watery feel to it. It sinks into the sink almost immediately and doesn't leave any kind of film on the skin. It's perfect for wearing under make-up and doesn't leave my oily skin feeling any oilier than it already is. 

Lat but not least in the P.S Beauty line up is the Deep Cleanse Off Oil. I haven't *really* given cleansing oils a fair chance in the past as I just didn't like the texture on my skin, but this is just amazing at removing make-up. I put a couple of pumps into my hand, massage it all over skin (including eyes) and then add a small amount of water. Once the water is added it almost feels like the texture of the oil thickens. I massage it all over my face again and then use a damp face cloth to remove it. I don't like to splash water onto my face as this tends to aggravate my mild rosacea. As this is an oil, I always go in with a creamy cleanser to remove any traces of the oil. If you have super dry skin I doubt this would be a problem for you, though.  Also, I don't use this cleansing oil as well as the micellar water, I use it instead of. It just depends on my mood as to which method I use, to be honest. 

If you haven't given the Primark P.S Beauty range a go yet, I highly suggest you pick some bits up on your next shopping trip, I doubt you will regret it. 



  1. I will have to give the cleanser a go, I always struggle to remove all my mascara. I did recently buy some make up brushes from Primark and they were awful, one sweep across my face and I was covered in bristles that had come loose from the brush, good job it was only a few quid!

    1. Oh no, nightmare! I haven't tried much from the beauty range to be honest, but I was so impressed with these products! The fact that the miscellar water is only £2 and better than most other brands I've tried is amazing...

  2. I haven't tried any of the skincare but I can't believe that you've found the micellar water to be better than the Garnier one - I will have to pick it up. The cleansing oil sounds lovely too.

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

  3. How have I bever noticed Primark do cleanser? Deffo beed a trip asap.


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