18 Jul 2017

Summer Nights In | ASDA Tapas

After moving into our own flat a month or so ago, deciding what to have for dinner each night is top of the agenda. At the weekend we like to have something nice, Friday night has become a bit of a steak night for us. While food shopping in ASDA I spotted a new selection of tapas that was on offer for three dishes for £5, so we decided to try some for a summer Saturday night in. As it was a Saturday, we washed it all down with a jug (or two) of Mojito - I'll share the recipe at some point if you're interested? 

As the tapas was on offer for three dishes for £5, we decided to choose six. We chose:

Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas
Moroccan Chicken Pastries
Italian Mozzarella & Sunblush Tomato Focaccia 
Spanish Salami & Provolone Cheese
Chorizo & Iberico Cheese

Everything was delicious, but especially the Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas. I'm glad we chose two packs of those! It was really nice to be able to try a few different bits and bobs, a lot of which I wouldn't normally go for, to be honest. Trying the ASDA offerings has made me want to sample more Tapas - I'm sure there's a bar on North Shield's Fish Quay that does Tapas, I'll have to drag Matt along. For now, though, cosy nights in with ASDA's Tapas selection and a Mojito in hand are perfect for us. 



  1. Wow this looks amazing, i really need to try it out!!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com

    1. It was delicious, so many other bits we want to try, too.

      Laura x


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