3 Aug 2017

The Purple Bear | Newcastle

A couple of weeks ago I was in Newcastle city centre doing a spot of shopping and decided to go for lunch. My Mam spotted The Purple Bear sign which was advertising a £5 lunch deal served until 5pm, so we decided to give it a go. The Purple Bear is situated on Prudhoe Chare - just off Northumberland Street, next to the entrance of Eldon Square. 

The first thingI'll say about The Purple Bear is that access is not great. We had my nephew in a pram and couldn't take him with us as the restaurant is down a flight of stairs, with no lift access we could see. We were going to try somewhere else, but my cousin took him off shopping with her while we ate. Not great if you have a pram or need wheelchair access!

Once you get inside, it has a very cool vibe. There are industrial lighting and miss-matched chairs - it looks great. After taking a seat and browsing the menu, we decided to go for the Baby Porple Burger. Consisting of a beef burger, cheddar cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce, it sounded right up my street. I choose to have sweet potato fries rather than regular fries for an extra 50p. After the waitress took our order, the cutlery was brought out in a can - which was cool - and kitchen roll was plonked on our table rather than napkins. This is the first time I've come across this and wasn't impressed. Apparently, lots of places do this though, maybe it's a hipster thing? Not really for me, though!

When our meals arrived, they looked great. The perfect size for a lunch deal. I get put off if I'm faced with a massive plate of food as I don't have a very big appetite, so this was perfect for me. As I dug into my burger, my first thought was thought was that I'd had much better burgers in other places. I mean, it was a millon times better than a McDonalds or Burger King for a round the same price, but it just didn't wow me. Five Guys is the top of my list for the best burgers in the North right now, although it is expensive and not really a restaurant.  

Would I go back? Well, yes. For lunch. I don't think I'd go back for an evening meal, but it's a great alternative to the other fast food places on Northumberland Street, and you get the restaurant experience. 


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