12 Oct 2017

A Review of Sachins Restaurant, Newcastle

Sachins restaurant, situated on Forth Bank in Newcastle, has apparently been around for over 30 years. No mean feat for restaurants these days, as new ones seem to pop up and others shut down on a monthly basis. Before being invited along I hadn't actually heard of Sachins, but after a little research, I knew we were in for a treat. 

We were greeted with a very warm welcome and shown to our table. The atmosphere was cosy and the staff attentive. Even the owner, Bob, came out to meet us during our meal. 

Whilst still deciding what to order from the extensive menu, we were brought a mixed selection of poppadoms and pickles. The mango chutney and raita went down well, so much so that we forgot all about looking at the menu. Luckily, I had been studying it at home previous to our visit and already knew what I wanted to order. We'd already decided upon the Sachins Tandoori for two people, which is an assortment of five tandoori khazana dishes served with salad. It was a very good choice indeed. It arrived on a sizzling platter which smelled amazing and made want to tuck in immediately. Not before I had taken photos, I had to keep reminding Matt! A bed of fried onions topped with an array of well-marinated meats which, surprisingly, were not too spicy for me. They had the perfect amount of flavour without being overpowered by chilli. 
The time in between our starter and the main course was perfect. Enough time that we were looking forward to sampling our chosen meals, but not so long that we were left wondering if we had been forgotten about, as I've experienced in many restaurants previously. I ordered the Butter Chicken - diced tandoori chicken marinated in Punjabi spices, barbequed, tossed in butter and cooked with tomatoes and yoghurt. Matt ordered a chicken tikka bhuna, which wasn't even on the menu - a custom dish just for him. I was very pleased with how the dishes were served. Each in a small bowl, with a portion of chawal-e-khas (basmati rice cooked with onion, cumin and spices) and our side order of garlic nan. It meant we could decide how much we wanted on our plates, and could even share the main dishes if we had wanted to. I don't have a very large appetite so this appealed to me, sometimes if I'm served a plate piled high with food it totally puts me off, therefore I'm huge.  
I hadn't even thought about dessert, so when the menu was brought to us I was going to turn it down. That is until I noticed the mango sorbet topped with prosecco and popping candy. The fizziness of the prosecco worked well with the sharpness of the mango sorbet, while the popping candy was a fun touch. This is something I'd normally order but I really enjoyed it. It was perfectly refreshing after a spicy meal.
We left feeling full, but not stuffed. Perfect in my opinion. A great atmosphere and delicious food. 

*I received a complimentary meal for two, but all opinions are my own. 


  1. Ooh it looks lush!
    Somehow I've never been in to Sachins, but the food look amazing.
    Cora ❤ http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/


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