29 Jan 2018

I Almost Froze To Get These Shots

Can you tell that I was so cold getting these photos taken? The things I do for the blog, eh! Beth thought we'd capture the gorgeous sunset, but by the time we go to where we wanted to be the clouds had covered it. I still think the images came out fab though...
I've written about this coat before (here), it's sooo dreamy. I wrap it around me like a blanket and it keeps me really warm. So warm in fact that I have to take it off when I get into the car. 

The dress I'm wearing is from Matalan. I couldn't find it online but I'm sure it'll still be available in stores. It has gorgeous frill sleeve and neck detail, and is a lovely fit. Great for work but I'd definitely wear it at the weekend, too. 

One of my favourite ways to wear my hair right now is ties back with this cute clip from ASOS. either half up or all tied back, it looks more stylish than a hair bobble but takes the same amount of effort. 

Bit a rambly post, but I really wanted to share this outfit and the images Beth took. Hope you don't mind :)

Images by Beth Parnaby

Dress - Matalan (similar)
Coat - F&F at Tesco 
Boots - F&F at Tesco


  1. This outfit looks great! I always forget about matalan when I'm shopping xx

    1. I got some amazing finds from Matalan just before Christmas, and a great Chloe Faye dupe last week! :) x

  2. Love this coat and how you've styled it. :)
    I so wish I could pull it off, but it just makes me look and feel massive!


    1. Thank you. I do feel massive in it, but it's so cosy I don't care! :) x


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