25 Jan 2018

Tigi S Factor Styling Products

I love a good hair product, even more so if I have a collection of hair products. Therefore I couldn't have been happier to receive three products from the Tigi S Factor range as a Christmas gift. I've really been enjoying using them together so I thought I'd share the styling trio with you.  For starters, the packing is beautiful, who doesn't love pink and white? And secondly, the products smell bloody amazing. Strawberry-mint I think it is described as. I describe it as yummmmmmmy. 

Each time I style my hair after I've washed it I use these three products, beginning with the Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray. Once I've towel dried my hair I spray this all over. It claims to intensely nourish and moisturise, strengthen damaged hair, and add shine and hydrates.  I find that it helps to detangle my hair, too. I'll then add one pump of the Silky Smooth Moisture Serum. This product claims to smooth the cuticle, protect against environmental and heat damage, and restore moisture and shine. It says it can be used in wet or dry, but as it is a very liquid-y serum I wouldn't use it on my hair once it was dry. I feel like these two hair products used together help to smooth and detangle my hair before blow-drying, and it feels soft and smooth afterward, too. You can check out my favourite hair styling tools here
The third and final product from this trio is the Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender. It has UV protection, thermal heat shield and promotes a lustrous shine for a soft, healthy finish. I have to be super careful not to use too much of this product or my hair ends up looking greasy and needs to be washed again. I spray a very tiny amount through my hair before I straighten it to protect it from the heat, but the main way I use this product is after styling to add a little shine to my style. Again, I only use the absolute tiniest amount so that my hair isn't overloaded with product.  

You'd think using all three products together would leave my hair a bit weighed down, but they don't at all. The key is to use a small amount of each to get the benefits without the negatives of too much product. What are your favourite hair products? 


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