11 Jan 2018

Want To Keep Your Blonde Cool?

If you have light blonde hair then you'll know the struggle to keep the brassy tones away is real. I find that my hair tends to get very brassy when I'm due to get my roots done, makes sense as I'm sure the toner will have faded within this time. I've tried various purple toning shampoos over the years and recived some new products as Christmas gifts. Here's how I'm keeping the orange tones away right now. 

First up is a good purple-toned shampoo. You need one that is very pigmented - the shampoo should be navy/indigo in colour. The shampoo deposits the pigment into your counteracting the yellow/orange tones. Don' use these too much, though, as they can dry your hair out and sometimes leaving it looking a bit dull. 
 My shampoo of choice at the moment is the Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Ultro Violet Shampoo, but I also love Fudge Clean Blonde, too. I've tried the Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo, which was great but I just couldn't stand the smell. If you like how Lee Stafford products smell then I'd recommend that one.
Tone-enhancing conditioning treatments are new to me. I recieved a couple to try out as Christmas gifts and I enjoyed using both of them. The Revlon Nutri Color Creme 3-in-1 Cocktail in 1002 White Platinum and the Schwarzkopf BlondMe Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask for Cool Blondes are the two products I've been testing out. Both have a lilac tone to them - not as pigmented as the toning shampoos, though. I actually enjoy using these cnditioning products more than the shampoos as they are, well, conditioning. As I said, the shampoo can dry your hair out a little, but these mask-type products are conditining your hair at the same time as toning it. With both you can either leave them on for 3 minutes for a quick refresh, or up to 15 minutes to really work on the brassiness in your hair. 

As a test I used both the Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Shampoo and the Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bonding Mask together, and the results were great. My hair looked fresh and bright, but soft and smooth too. I wouldn't recommend doing this very often, but perhaps for a special occassion or if your hair is looking particularly dull. 

Are there any products for cool blonde hair that you swear by? I'd love to experiment with more products. 


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