8 Feb 2018

The Best Red Lip Liner. Ever.

A few years ago I visited New York. While in New York I did what all beauty junkies do and bought as many products that my budget would allow. There's one product that stands out, and that's because it is the best red lip liner. ever. I recently used up the Jordana Easyliner for Lips, but I found it on sale on the Beauty Bay website so I thought it was time to share my favourite red lip liner with you. 

I have the shade Sedona Red. It's a beautiful blue-based red that isn't too bright, but isn't too dark either. The lip liner itself is creamy, but it doesn't smear across your face. It glides on easily and is super pigmented. It's also a twist up pencil, so no need to sharpen it. You can see in the photo before that it's great to use all over the lips, not only as a liner with another lipstick. As my lips are on the drier side most of the time I like to add a little of the Glossier Cherry Balm Dotcom. It's a slight tint and is matte, so it won't smear the lip liner. 
What is your favourite red lip liner? Or just lip liner in general? Now that I can buy it in the UK (and for only £4!) I think I'm going to try a few other colours, too. 


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