19 Mar 2018

ASOS Earring Collection

I have really gotten into wearing earrings recently. I've got quite sensitive ears, so I can't wear them on an everyday basis, but when I'm planning outfits I find myself planning which earrings I am going to wear too. My go-to website for earrings is ASOS. Who's of guessed it, eh? I find that most of my clothes are from ASOS right now. They stock such a big selection, and I have premier delivery so I don't have to pay for delivery on less expensive items. Bonus. 

I've got four pairs of ASOS earrings that I want to share with you, but my collection is growing at an (unneccessarily) fast rate, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more on Instagram, too. 
Monochrome Tassel Earrings (similar). This pair started off my love affair with earrings. I bought them last summer and have worn them so many times with lots of different outfits. As they are monochrome they go with literally any other colour, but I like pairing them with a red lip. It looks so classy. 

Hoop Earrings (similar). Hoop earrings are having a bit of a thing, aren't they? I've never been into those massive, thin hoops that almost touch your shoulders (and I never will), but these are a good size. They make a statement but I'd definitely wear them during the day with a casual outfit, too.  

Arrow and Crystal Shard Drop Earrings. These are the perfect sized earrings for those days when you want to wear a statement earring but don't want anything over the top. For when the tassel earrings are just too much. This pair subtle, but still something different. They'll look great with off-the-shoulder dresses when the warmer weather arrives. If it ever arrives. 

Mini Swirl Stud Earrings. Finally, the latest addition to my collection, and my favourites right now. They're exciting than a simple stud, but they're also understated enough that they'd go with any outfit. A pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, or your favourite LBD. I'll be pairing them with just about every outfit I wear. 
What is your favourite jewellery to wear? Are you an earring girl like me? Do you prefer rings? Where do you like to shop?



  1. I have recently started wearing earrings again after YEARS of not. I didn't even think to look on ASOS for some, so I may have to have a nose!

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty, Lifestyle & Parenting xx


    1. I used to never wear earrings either as my ears are very sensitive. I don't think I could wear them every single day, unfortunately :( I love ASOS for everything! :) x

  2. I love earrings, ever since I was young. I used to buy so many pairs from Tammy Girl and Claires when I was little.

    The tassel ones are my favourite pair. I actually like to shop for my earrings on eBay a lot of the time. They're so cheap on there. x

    1. I used t have a massive earring collection that I'd never wear as I used to buy the most dangly, colourful pairs I could find. I've realised over the last year or so that that just isn't my style though :) x


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