24 Mar 2018

Healing Your Helix | My Experience

You might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I had a couple of piercings a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing. I'd seen some images on Pinterest (and made a board - if you're interested) and loved how a double helix piercing looked, so I decided to go for it. There's a fab tattoo/piercing place just at the top of my road who do walk-ins for piercing on a Saturday so I headed along there. I thought I'd share some tips on getting a double (or a single) helix piercing. 
Before: Make sure you do your research. Choose a reputable piercing studio - check their facebook for reviews, look on their website to check they have health and safety certificates etc. You don't want someone dodgy piercing you. 

Before you arrive at your appointment make sure you've had something to eat. I'm fine with piercings and tattoos, but some people can feel lightheaded. Couple that with low blood sugar levels from not eating and you could easily pass out. Not ideal. Also, make sure you know which ear and exactly what position you actually want to be pierced before you head to your appointment. Here's a tip - I chose to get mine done on the side I sleep on the least. It's going to hurt as it's healing and need to try to not sleep on it very much. 
During: It takes about 30 seconds for each piercing. The piercer marks up where they are going to be, you check in a mirror to see if you are happy with the position, and then you're set. A needle is used - is a gun comes anywhere near your ear don't do it. The type of gun used to pierce your earlobes could easily split the cartilage of your upper ear. Needle only, please. 

If you're having a double piercing like mine, the piercer may use larger bars to compensate for the swelling. They will ask you to go back in a month to geth them swapped for smaller ones. 
After: Immediately after it's going to hurt for quite a while. You will be aware of it, but make sure you don't touch it. Any bacteria on your fingers could cause an infection which will be seriously painful. As the helix is in an awkward position, I found it very difficult to use a salt bath. Instead, I boiled the kettled, put some salt into a cup and then put a small amount of hot water into the cup. I then let it cool down for a few minutes until I was able to put my finger in it, but it was still hot to the touch. I soaked a cotton pad in the salt water and then placed it on my ear covering both the front and the back of the piercings. The heat soothed the pain and the salt draws out anything that shouldn't be in/around your piercing. Repeat until the water has cooled down. 

The first couple of days after your piercing you're going to want to be super careful with your hair. I'd recommend wearing it tied back so that it doesn't get wrapped around the piercings. Trust me, it's super painful when that happens. Also, when you wash your hair let the water rinse over your piercings for a minute or so to make sure there's no shampoo or conditioner residue in the area as they will irritate the piercing. 

It took my helix piercings around four weeks to stop being painful. At this point, they still hurt when I lay on them or if I got my hair caught around them. As I'm writing this I'm due to go and get the studs changed to smaller ones, so fingers crossed that won't hurt too much. 

Have you got helix piercings? How did you take care of yours?


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