5 Mar 2018

Spring, I'm So Ready For You

The Beast from the East well and truly took it's toll on the UK last week. For five days I barely left the house, and when I did almost fell over ten times and got caught in hailstones twice. It's safe to say I'm not a fan of snow, although the snow days in my PJ's watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S were quite fun. It's meant to be almost spring but as I'm writing this it feels like Christmas should be on its way. Spring, I am so ready for you. 
MissGuided Red Floral Wrap Dress

I can't wait to leave the house in a dress without also having to wrap up in a hat, scarf, and gloves. Especially this dress. It's so pretty it deserves to have more outings. I can't wait to wear it for cocktails on warm(er) evenings. 
MissGuided Red Floral Wrap Dress
My red ASOS shoes are the perfect companion to my spring dress. The colour compliments the floral print on the dress, and the heel height is perfect for making me feel dressed up without the pain of actually wearing heels all day. 
MissGuided Red Floral Wrap Dress
Are you looking forward to spring? I just want some warm weather...

Images by Beth Parnaby
Dress - MissGuided via ASOS
Shoes - ASOS


  1. That dress is so beautiful! Love bright colours when days are dark, especially in the run up to Spring!

    1. The blue skies today have got me excited about getting all my summer dresses out!


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