2 Jun 2018

Set Your Photos Free With Jessops, Gateshead

How many of us have tonnes of photographs that we've taken on holidays, special occasions or of special people and they're just lurking on our phones or cameras, or perhaps we've printed them off but not done anything with them? I'm 100% guilty of this. I've got photographs that I printed off a couple of years ago and not really done much with. I got into scrapbooking for a while but that died off as I don't have a lot of time for it. That's why Jessops are challenging us to set our photos free. I popped along to the brand new concept store in the Metrocentre, Gateshead to find out more. 

The new Jessops concept store - located in the Platinum Mall - is still the go-to place for all your camera needs, but now there's also a myriad of products to help you set your photos free! There are new instant photo printing booths, which are the same great quality as printing in the lab, alongside a huge choice of photo books, frames, and albums. There is also a new Polaroid display which caught my attention straight away. As well as the Instax Mini Polaroid cameras, the brand new Instax Square S6, there are some really cool photo albums, scrapbooks, frames and stickers available - all specifically designed for Polaroids. I can't believe I didn't come away with a bag full of goodies, to be honest, I was very restrained. 
After a tour of the new store from the lovely Amy, the new shuffle print concept was explained to us. Gone are the days are having to individually mount all the photos into a multiple image frame. No more faffing around - all you have to do is choose the frame then jump onto one of the kiosks to choose your images. Select your chosen frame and up pops the template for you to drop in your images, shuffle them around and get the exact layout you want. It couldn't be simpler to upload your photos, either. You can, of course, plug in your phone and upload them but this will upload every single photo on your phone, which let's face it could take a while. The quicker option is to connect to the wifi and select your images, then simply click 'print'. This sends them to the kiosk and you can choose the layout of your photographs. Alternatively, there is an option for the kiosk to automatically add the images into the template, but I enjoyed playing around with mine. Once you're happy with the layout press print and you're done. Couldn't be easier. 
My frame costs £19.99* but included in this price is the print itself, and the very helpful staff will also fit it for you. I think it is amazing that the photographs get fitted into the frame for you, as this is the part I always struggle with. I get impatient if it doesn't look right the first time, but you're going to get the perfect fit. 
If you saw my Instagram Stories from my visit to the Jessops store then you'll have already seen that I had my eye on a really cute square photo book and an acrylic block which had heart sequins in. Super cute! I'm definitely going to paying another visit so I can get set more of my photos free this summer!
*I was invited along to the Jessops store to experience the new products on offer and was gifted the shuffle print. 

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