21 Jun 2018

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel | A Review

The Body Shop Liquid Peels are magic. Trust me. I've never seen an exfoliating product that works in the same way as this does. I've tried skincare products with word 'peel' in their name, but none have had the instant, visible effects that this does. As I'd been itching to try this since I saw it in action at The Body Shop Event With G-Edit way back in October last year, I decided to treat myself and give it a go a couple of months ago. 

 The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel is priced at £18. Now I know this is not the priciest product by far, but it's not a bargain, either. I'd seen it in action on the back of my hand and decided it would (hopefully) be worth it. 

At The Body Shop event, I was shown how it works on the back of my hand. You simply pump some of the product onto dry skin and massage it in circular motions (if using on your face make sure to avoid your eye area, just like any other exfoliator). As you are massaging it, the product starts to ball up. This is actually all of the dead skin cells, impurities and pollutants being peeled off. I was fascinated by this process. With most exfoliators and peels you can feel how smooth your skin is after using them, but with this, you can actually see it working. 

I use The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel once a week sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. I tend to use it after the shower, making sure I have removed any make-up I've been wearing. I pat my face dry then apply two pumps onto my skin. I always stand over the sink as the product balls up and falls off. Who wants dead skin cells all over the place?! 

The only thing that puts me off about this peel is that it sticks to the tiny baby hairs I have around my jawline. I have to pick off the product which nips a little and is inconvenient. 

Clingyness aside, if you're the kind of person who likes to see results immediately you absolutely have to try this product. Not only can you literally see your dead skin being rubbed away, but my skin feels smooth and looks clear afterwards too. 



  1. I 100% agree with the baby hair bit. I think the product is really good but it does fall down with that

  2. Ooh this sounds excellent. I usually just exfoliate with a flannel when I'm using a hot cloth cleanser.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. I love that I can actually see the dead skin and grime coming away :) x


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